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Duetorrihotels is a universe of excellences that are rich in uniqueness. They each have a particular atmosphere and over the years they have developed a relationship with the city –  FlorenceVeronaBologna or Genoa  -  through beauty, architecture, culture. Images that are an invitation to look for the visual clues that tell a story, an exciting treasure hunt the leitmotif of which is colour. 
We begin with gold. An element that is a colour and a material, the most noble, and has been celebrated since time immemorial for its glow and purity. Alchemists compared the magical transformation of metal into gold with the path from shadow to light, understood as perfection and knowledge. Still today gold represents “value”, the realisation of potential. It is also a precious detail in the refined ambience of our hotels. 



BOLOGNA, Grand Hotel Majestic "già Baglioni"

Gold adds elegance to an environment. It is both the frame and the picture. Enhanced by the cinnabar green curtains, its luminous colour is a surprising detail in one of the bedrooms. 
A precious waking: in Suite 106 the headboard is adorned with berries and leaves coated in gold, a triumph of shapes that dialogue with the imperturbable portrait above them.



GENOA, Bristol Palace

The Art Deco influence that characterises the style of the Bristol Palace is seen also and primarily in its decorative art: these sinuous golden figures welcome visitors in the hall. 
A detail of the previous element: the faces of the statues are made vibrant by the material. Like a Klimt painting, gold is the protagonist.


VERONA, Due Torri Hotel, Arena Casarini

Pino Casarini created this painting that is infused with extraordinary vividness. The work surrounds the spectator with flowing movement, a circus animated by the glow of light and gold.


FLORENCE, Bernini Palace

Standing on a column at the entrance to the hall, a gilded putto holds up a basket of fruit and vegetables with a thoughtful expression. The gold enhances the delicate, precise workmanship of the putto and contrasts pleasantly with the black background. 
Multiplying the space, the mirror adds depth and “roundness” to the graceful shape of the golden putto.


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